“Steve was very attentive and informative on how I should perform the moves. The routine was very effective, and I was very happy with Steve’s ability to train.”
Maria Peterson
Team Beachbody Fitness Coach
“I really enjoyed the workout. Steve explained everything thoroughly and clearly, and I thought the exercises were (surprisingly) very effective.”
Steve’s Wing Chun student
“Steve was an amazing instructor. Very patient during the learning process. You can tell he loves what he does because it shows in his teachiNg.”
Jennifer Crawford
Mother of two and full-time Customer Service Representative at an auto dealership
"I found this workout to be very different. Steve was friendly and not overbearing. There is a lot of endurance, and it is definitely taxing. It's something that is worth participating in because it doesn't take up a lot of time; it's just once a week, but you will DEFINITELY feel it."
Russell Roberts
“Steve explained the training process and the health benefits very well. He was knowledgeable and patient. Thank you, Steve!”
Ginger Denning
Steve’s Wing Chun student
"I had the opportunity to work with Steve Grogan and his SBF program. At first I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to handle the workout. However, Steve guided me through the session, and I wound up feeling good about myself. Steve has patience and a motivating personality that just makes you succeed. He expertly guides you through all exercises and provides explanations as to the benefits of the exercise and the reasons why the workout is structured the way it is. He makes you want to come back for more. I look forward to continuing to work with Steve because I can see the results."
Scott Gerver
“Training with Steve was great. He to exercise. I enjoyed Steve coaching me. He explained each exercise clearly, watched closely to make sure I did the exercises correctly, and kept time so I didn't end too soon or too late. Steve is enthusiastic about SBF, and his enthusiasm is contagious! He made a believer out of me!”
Larry Julien
Retired accountant/financial analyst
“Before Steve and I got started, he went over what some of the exercise options were, and what equipment I needed. It wasn't a lot; you could plan an entire workout with only one or two sets of weights. He did a great job explaining everything, and even helped me figure out what weights to use. He was good at keeping me motivated and convincing me to push myself a bit. He even let me put on some music during the workout, which helped me stay focused. Immediately after the workout, I was pretty sore, but I also felt accomplished. Overall, I enjoyed my experience, and if I end up looking for a workout coach again, I'd choose Steve.”
Caleb Weber
First-year college student
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