My name is Steve Grogan, and I will (hopefully) be the one helping you on your fitness journey.

To be honest, you might not see a lot of blogs/articles posted here. (After all, the site's main purpose is to attract clients who want to work out and lose fat. How can you ever hope to achieve that if you’re scrolling through a bunch of posts???) However, I still wanted to dedicate a portion of my internet real estate to it, for those rare occasions where I may be inspired to write something about exercise and/or nutrition.

Although I haven't written a single word yet, I can honestly predict that the subject matter for the majority of my posts will be about some myth that is perpetuated by the fitness industry. Why spend so much time debunking myths? Because I hate them! They keep far too many people from working out or eating right, and that’s sad. I want to do my part to bring you real information about exercise and nutrition. These are things that most trainers don’t want you to know, because if you did, then their wallets might get a lot thinner!

Even if you don’t want to hire me yet, that’s fine. Feel free to hang out and enjoy the scenery. When I post an article, check it out. Who knows? Maybe once you see I know what I’m saying, you’ll take me up on that free introductory session offer.

I hope to be coaching you through a session soon.

~~~Steve Grogan

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